About the mall

   “Art Gallery” is the unique shopping mall that sets the style and the dynamics  of the life in the XXI century. The original architecture combines the inimitable look of the ancient trade building – riding hall of the merchant Sadretdine Nazirov living in the end of the XIX century,- and the third millennium harmony of the history and the present.

   The mall activities are aimed to correspond to the high-level requirements of the modern life. The shopping mall “Art gallery” has become the residence of the most impressive and important events of the city. Photo, painting, small sculpture expositions presenting the work of the best masters of Ufa and Moscow are regularly held in the mall.

   The four floors of the mall include the elite boutiques, shoes, accessorises, perfume stores,  premium class grocery store “Globus Gourmet”, 9 hall cinema “Cinema Pak”, coffee house, european and japanese kitchen restaurants.
   The car wash, ground and underground parking are also available.

   “Art Gallery” is not just a shopping center, but a source of inspiration  permitting you to satisfy all your desires. 
   “Art Gallery” creates the atmosphere of prestige and comfort, it defines the high quality of the client service!