Shopping Mall Lease


   The shopping mall «Art Gallery» is situated in the historical center of Ufa city on the crossing of Chernyshevsky and M.Karimov Streets. The shopping mall is located in the historical and business center of Ufa. The main traffic arterial of this part of the city, The Lenin Street, passes nearby. Most of the business centers and shopping malls adjoin this street. The Opera House, business mall «Gostiny Dvor» three Universities, boutiques, hardware stores, restaurants, four star Hotel, stadium. parc, élite residential areas are concetrated here.

   The shopping mall  is located approximately 5 minutes walk from public transport stops that form the main center traffic arterial through the Lenine Street. The passenger traffics pass from the mentionned stops to all the micro-districts of the city. The way to the shopping mall «Art Gallery» from other micro-districts take about 20-40 minutes by public transport (except for the habitants of the most distant districts, like Shaksha or Dok).
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